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Love and Respect = "Happy Wife Day"
It was a hard day at work and I was behind with all of my end of the year reports. I wanted to be done with everything as I do most years. This should have been the time of the year that I would be at ease and just doing little things to end the school year. However this had been a very difficult year and everything was behind. Thus I was trying to complete a report that was due on the 30th of April and let's face it I was already behind and still was not nearly finished.

So as I was working at full speed and getting no where my cell phone rang with my husband's special ring. I started not to answer him and would just text him letting him know that I was busy and that I would call him back when I had time but I picked up and said "hello Honey...what's up?" He simply said "Nothing's up." He then said "HAPPY WIFE'S DAY!!!" I was silent for a moment because I just couldn't understand what he was saying. This happened to be the 6th day of May. Mother's Day was coming that Sunday on the 8th of May so I thought that he was trying to say happy Mothers day but it just seemed weird. I said "ok Honey but mother's day is Sunday." He then said "This has nothing to do with mother's day I have just created a new holiday that we will celebrate every year on the 6th day of May. Its called "Happy Wife's Day" and when you come home from getting your hair done I want you to dress up because I have a surprise for you and we are going out for my new holiday. I love you and I want you to know it!!! He then said I love you in German and we hung up.

I didn't know what to think but I smiled for the rest of the day. It was nurse's day and my boss celebrated by surprising me with lunch. We had a wedding to go to on Saturday from a couple who had been a part of 2R1N CHRIST and we had Mother's Day on Sunday. I was suddenly like a kid in a toy store. I worked on my report with a different attitude I didn't finish but I was no longer stressed about being behind. I got off and went to get my hair done. My locktian and I talked and she spoke about loving the ministry and the monthly loveazine that she received via email each month. She was excited about "Happy Wife's Day" and wanted me to let her know how it turned out.

Loving my hair and excited about the night to come I rushed home and got ready. Earlier that week I had seen a pair of diamond earrings that matched the antique ring that he gave me for my Christmas present. I was thinking that I would buy those earrings for myself this summer for my birthday. I was telling him that I was going to do and was just talking when he went to his office and called me in. I was not paying any attention and was just talking about really nothing as wives sometime do. Suddenly he said "HAPPY WIFE DAY" and presented me with a little black box with the very earrings in them. I screamed and cried and kissed him all over.

We went out to dinner at one of the college's date night hot spots and saw all of the young couples as they looked at this vintage couple who were very much in love. To say the least the night ended in wedded bliss (if you get my meaning) and we rejoiced in the love that God had created just for us.

The next day we went to the sweetest wedding ever and people stopped to say how lovely we looked. As I watched this couple beginning their wedded life all I could think of was that I prayed one day he would present her with her own holiday of love. We danced and rejoiced and gave out our cards because many people had heard about us from the couple. Then we went home changed and went to our daughters to babysit so she and her husband could go out for their first anniversary. We enjoyed being with our grandbaby and she had a good time. Our daughter and son-inlaw came home late and the baby had just woke up as if she was missing them. They were so happy to see her and we could see how loving this couple was. We went home rested then woke up for church and a loving Mother's day.

I so enjoyed having my husband create a holiday just for us. Which was all about me. It showed that he still cherished me enough to show his love. It is so true a man shows love when a woman shows respect...but then that's a topic for another post.

The last thing I said before we went to bed ending that wonderful weekend was this...."Honey I guess now I have to create a husband's day right?" Then he said
Man got to love him.....and I think I might keep him after all

PS: My husband is currently in hot water from all of his friends who's wives were told by me about "happy wife day"...and are now looking for them to give them one...ha,ha,ha,

                                                                Happy Wife Day
Monday, May 2, 2011 | By: 2r1n Christ Marriage and Relationship Ministry

What The World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love

A great song writer Burt Bacharach
wrote a song called "what the world needs now is love....sweet love. It's the only thing that there is just too little of . I use to love that song. I was very young when the song came out but I really loved the words. I could tell that it had been inspired by God even at my young age. As we face all the worlds tragedies that have taken place lately I have seemed to be drawn back to the words of Mr. Bacharach's song.
I have never seen the world so hopeless and in despair. We have lost our love for true moral values and have replaced them with anything goes. We see it now with the breakdown of the family because marriage as created by God has been put to the back burner and looked at as if it's standards are old and obsolete.

Our children are growing up with the thoughts that everything that was once considered bad is good and what was considered good is now bad.
Its not good to be in a committed relationship where the spouse show love and respect for one another. Where the couple places God as the Head of their union and vow to spend their lives together for life no matter what comes their way.
Where the couple make time everyday to learn and study how to grow their marriage. How to discover ways to work out the kinks of just living together and growing in perfect harmony. Where they realize that living in today's world is rough but that living during rough and difficult times does not mean that you bring those horrible times into your marital world.
Where the couple work hard to protect their union and perserve these values so they may be passed down to their children and future generations to come.

As we turn on the TV each day and watch all of the many disasters going on in the world it can bring anybody down. The world's poor economy. Good people attempting to work and keep a roof over their heads but unable to find jobs or being laid off after many years of devoted dedicated service. People loosing their homes, life savings, retirement benefits while big business spends our money go bottom up and then get bailed out only to spend the bail out money on themselves.

To wonder why hard working law abiding citizens are being jerked around while Congress votes to reduce or hold up all things that we need to make it and then makes sure that they are given raises. While many of us are faced with rifs, mandatory furloughs, higher gas prices, and higher taxes.
Our leaders are too busy fighting about things that don't really matter while they blame each other for causing the world to be bankrupt and the working man/woman must bail them out.

Nature too has turned her back on us according to the news because all we see is tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and drought all over the world.
We hear of wars and rumors of war. People are fighting over nothing for the most part. We push out God and His Standards so therefore we become numb to all of this as we as humans begin to decline.
We are depressed, addicted to everything including food and love means absolutely nothing.

Burt said it right when he said:
"Lord we don't need another mountain there are mountains and hillsides enough to climb. There are oceans and rivers enough to cross, enough to last till the end of time.
I think now that we need to get back to a real love. Love for God, man and our country.
Love for each other committed to the end of each others life.
A love for good morals, honest living and all things that are good and just.
A love for hard work and a love for all people no matter what color they are, what religion they share, how rich or poor they are, how much education they  have.

Many of us has cried out to God to show the world just a little love at this time. To give us something that would make us stop and look at true love for just a moment. We needed a world stopping love that would make us stop what we were doing for just a second and take note of something other than death, destruction, sex, addiction, natural disasters, and war.
We needed to wake up to "LOVE"
We needed to see a couple that loved each other enough to let the world know it and bring back love and fantasy even if it was just for one moment in time.

We sang out loud and clear to God the words to Mr. Bacharach's song
and guess what guys???
and just for one day we woke up to LOVE


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Thank You LORD
it was good waking up to Love!!!