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Marriage Under attack Or Not???

Marriage as we once knew it is under attack!!!
 For some odd reason marriage created by God is no longer good enough. Now we have marriage defined in several different ways. There are people who are of the school that marriage can be with two people of the same sex. There are some who feel that marriage is no more than a civil union. Still others feel that marriage is no more than a consented contract between the two and whatever they want can be added to that contract even an infidelity clause.
Some feel that just living together is the same as being married.
With all of these new views no wonder our children are growing up very confused.

Many people feel that its just a manner of choice and to be honest this statement is true.
The only thing that we have that's truly ours is our free will choice.
No one should take away a person's right to choose.
 However as God's children we need to live the life that He created for us.
We need to choose marriage and relationship according to His Will.
By understanding and learning how to live together according to the standards that He decreed
for us then our marriages will be more than just a contract or a new fad.

According to our Heavenly Father this coupling was to last our life time.
Many couples come together now with the concept that if it doesn't work
then they can just get a quick divorce.
Now that we have those "no fault" divorces then this can be done quickly and for
no other reason than one spouse didn't like the way their food was cooked. Or maybe they
didn't like the fact that the other spouse had gained weight.
Really any simple reason can be used to get a divorce.

Many couples don't want to bother with anything. They live together sometimes for
years and then look to the law to see if they are considered common law married.
Marriage God's way involves having a covenant relationship vs. a contract.
It involves going into the marriage knowing that its for a lifetime and the word divorce is not

The couple must work together during the good times and the bad. Fidelity is a must.
God must be the Head of the marriage. The glue that keeps the couple going when
they could not manage it on their own. So many believe that the marriage is
base solely on the couple. To buy into this concept will have us basing
our marriage on the emotional feelings of the individual spouses.
Men and Women are too fickle to have something so powerful
and permanent resting on their shoulders.

Only the Creator can understand what we will be faced with and allocate His
strength, power, and peace to keep us united together as one.
I can't say that these other concepts are right or wrong.
I can only base my marriage on God's Word and Will
Some may have a great relationship with their contract marriage. They may
be able to live with the clause that allows one or the other spouse to
 to have another person added to the relationship.

Then there are others who feel that two men or two women can be united in holy matrimony.
These people want to have a bonding relationship. I can understand this and I see
nothing wrong with them living their lives as they see fit. However this is not the intentions
of God who happens to be the Creator of marriage.
A civil union yes a marriage no.
Then there are those who only see marriage as a civil union. Nothing more nothing less.
Just two people coming together with the law saying that if anything happens then
your partner may obtain the material things that you have acquired.

There are many today who's life's goal is to take God out of everything. They want
 to reduce our lives to a series of sordid filthy behaviors.
They want to break up couples and reduce families to having the government telling
them how they should raise their children. They want us to see
their way of life while denying us our love of God and all things good and holy.
The first thing that satan did in the garden was to break up the couple.

To separate the man and the woman. This is the same trick that he is using
today. As he demeans marriage to nothing but a long term boy friend
and girl friend relationship. Or a same sex affair.
So we ask you. Is marriage created by God under attack?
Do you feel that marriage should be a lifetime commitment?
Should two people of the same sex be united in holy matrimony or a civil union?
Should marriage be just a contract that you may add what you want to it including
an infidelity clause?

We leave you with some controversy.
We leave you with something to think about.
We leave you wondering if any of this matters or should we still allow God to rule our marital lives?
We leave you with choice as to what is important to you for your marriage.
Then finally we leave you with this

After pondering on this topic look deep into your heart
quiet your spirit and listen to what the Spirit of the Lord has to say
He will confirm what marriage is. He will instruct you and your spouse how to live.
Then He will give you peace to face whatever this world wants to say or do about what they label as

Men may attack marriage as created by God all they want
but as for me and my house
we will follow the Lord!!!

So what do you think
marriage under attack or not?

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